8 Facts about the flag of South Sudan

Flags in most countries stand as symbols of history, prestige and hope for tomorrow that distinguish it from others. On July 14th, 2011, our country’s flag was raised at UN as its 193th nation.

This was one of the defining moments in our country’s history that herald us into the world map. Anyway, back to facts about our flag.

What do you know about South Sudan flag?

The flag of our country south-sudan-flagis officially described as “A white-fimbriated horizontal tricolour of black, red, and green with a blue triangle at the hoist charged with a five-pointed gold star.” Here are 8 facts about our country’s flag.

Fact #1: The black color of South Sudanese people (Black African skin-original)

Our country’s ethnic group consists mainly of Nilo-Saharan and Ubangian family speakers who arguably are of Negroid Descendants of African. This color differentiates us from other races according to forensic and anthropological and not democratic definition.

Fact #2: Red stands for the blood shed during the struggles for our freedom and independent.

Our martyrs lose their lives to liberate our country, people, resources and everything within in the last 50 years. Check the about Junubian page for more information.

The color represent the longest, deadliest war that lasted for decades.

Fact #3: Green represent our land, resources and all green features in Junub Sudan aka South Sudan

South Sudan is rich in vast natural resources that include oil, the Nile river, copper, chromium ore, zinc, silver, gold, hydro-power among others. These are the riches represented by the green color.

Fact #4: White-Peace attained after years of struggle

White is one of the universal color or sign that symbolizes peace. South Sudan fought and lastly gained peace. There is ain’t other better salt for the soul than peace.

Fact #5: The blue color symbolize Life

The waters of The Nile and other water bodies in South Sudan constitute the sources of livelihood for our people.

Fact #6: The Star of Bethlehem

Biblically, it’s a miraculous sign that marked the birth of Emmanuel in the City of Bethlehem. It inspired the magi from the east to travel to Jerusalem.

This golden star symbolizes the hope for South Sudan states and its people. It also stands for vision and guiding principles whereas yellow is represents the formation of the nation and its renaissance i.e. SPLM constitution.

Fact #7: The founding movement, SPLM’s flag was retained as national flag

south sudan john garangWhen South Sudan gained her independence, SPLM (Juba Arabic: الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان Al-Haraket Al-Sha’ebiyet Li-Tahrir Al-Sudan) become the ruling party. Its flag was similar to the current flag hence there is no doubt about it adoption since it reflects our nation.

Fact #8: The flag bears striking similarities with Kenya and Sudan flag

Though slightly different, Kenya and Sudan flags reflect Pan-Arab colors which initially were adopted by Syria in 1920 and later hoisted by Sudan in 1970.

Anyway, this does not make South Sudan an Pan-Arab state but we share something in common which we shouldn’t bury.

Now you know, why not share the pride with others. Feel there is something we have missed out, speak your mind in the comment field below.


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