Top 5 National Parks In South Sudan

South Sudan has by far been a country known for wars, refugees, under-development and some things between. Though it didn’t annihilate them completely as believed, we still have places where we can find animals. Wildlife in South Sudan is under the jurisdiction of Wildlife Conservation Directorate (GOSS), Ministry of Environment and the Wildlife Conservation and Tourism.

Some important migrations

  • March-June Migration-This is the start of rainy season and animals move from Sudd flood plains and Bandingilo National Park back to the Boma National Park (North to South and West to East
  • November-January Migration-As the dry period is underway, animals starting migration (South to North and East to West) back to the Sudd floods.

Meanwhile, here are top 5 national parks in South Sudan.

1. Boma National Park in Boma Jonglei-77,220-square-mile

About 1.3 million antelopes migrate seasonally making it the world’s largest place for animal migration more than the Serengeti of Kenya-Tanzania. South Sudan has 3 type of antelopes namely, white-eared kob, tiang and mongalla.

The other mammals found there are hartebeest, lesser kudu, elephants, lions, Nile Lechwe among others.

Elephants herd Boma National Park

Elephants herd Boma National Park


Boma National is where you can almost all of these type of antelopes.

What most tourists love about this place is that one is able to see rare species of birds and animals, lovable scenery as well as unique cultures from the local residents. Everything here is naturally wild and its natural itself.

2. Southern National Park-23,000 km².

The park adjacent to Rumbek town is one of the largest and it’s located in the central areas of South Sudan with a number of animal populations. The park attained its name due to its geographical location when South Sudan once was part of Sudan. Some of the animals found at the park include:

=> Giant eland =>Waterbuck     => Kob => Hartebeest

=> Buffalo =>Giraffe => Oribi => White rhino=>Giant forest hog

=> Reedbuck =>Lion =>Colobus monkey =>Galagos (Senegal bushbaby )

white-eared kobs south sudan wildlife

white-eared kobs south sudan wildlife

3. Bandingilo National Park-8,400 km2 (3,200 sq mi)

Bandingilo or Badingilo National Park is located in Equatoria region covering the bahr al jabal. The park bossed as home to African megafauna(giraffe-liked animal), redbuck, antelopes among others. It’s one of the areas where largest animals migration took place during onset or rains as well during dry periods in the country.

In recent times, Bandigilo National Parks has been at the forefront in wildlife conservation in South Sudan’s war-ravaged areas.

4. Nimule National Park-410 km2(160 sq mi)

Nimule town, one of the fastest growing towns in the South Sudan’s bordering frontiers has wildlife at its disposal that attracts tourists. The Nimule National park is home to various animals such as zebra, elephants, and lions among others.

5. Shambe National Park-620 km2(240 sq mi)

Like Nimule National Park, its home to various animal and distinct bird breeds. The area has a conducive, rich and unique environment that support ecosystem for the animals. The Shambe River and its savanna woodland is a great ground for wildlife.



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