Top South Sudanese Celebs -Part 1

South Sudan aka Junub has been at war for decades. In the mind of many, it’s war, poverty, tribalism, refugees, hunger among others. Years ago, Chevron, a unit of the Standard Oil Company of California brought our country to the limelights of world stage by discovering oil. Throughout the years many resources have been discovered including great people (Man is a resource too!).

We look at top South Sudanese celebs who have been at the far front.

Music, Acting & Modeling

Emmanuel Jal -GUA Africa Founder, Lost Boy of South Sudan

Emmanuel Jal -GUA Africa Founder, Lost Boy of South Sudan

Emmanuel Jal

From child soldier to global icon, the bearded Jal Jok was born in Tonj, South Sudan. A South Sudanese celeb, through his music, he is a beacon of hope to all who love peace. Junubian, like others, recognize his contribution among famous people from South Sudan.

His movie War Child, is an award-winning feature documentary that chronicles Jal is time as a war-child. Visit Emmanuel Jal’s website for more information about War Child in festivals & Awards section.

Through the years, Emmanuel has not only been synonymous with message for peace but also in charitable work. He founded Gua Africa and Jal Gua. Gua Africa provides access to education for the people of South Sudan through building schools and offering scholarships. Jal Gua promotes healthy eating.

Emmanuel Jal has contributed in films such as War Child -2008 (documentary), Africa United -2010 (Drama) and The Good Lie -2014 (drama).

Ger Duany

ger-duany-portraitHe was born in Akobo, South Sudan (November 9, 1978) and was forcefully recruited into the war while still a young boy. He was a refugee and later rise to a global actor and model. He made his début in 2004 for the movie, I Heart Huckabees (based-on-truth drama about the Lost Boys resettled in US). Duany is a goodwill ambassador of the UNHCR. He has played various roles in the following:

  • I Heart Huckabees (2004)
  • The Fighter (2010)
  • The Restless City (2011)
  • Ger: To Be Separate (2012)
  • Isn’t It Delicious? (2012)
  • The Good Lie (2014)


Professor Taban Lo Liyong

Prof Taban Liyong, (born 1938, Gulu, Acholi, Uganda) is one of the well-known poet and writers in the literature world today. Taban contributed to the literal world through the following:

  • Fixons(1969)
  • Franz Fanon’s Uneven Ribs (1971)
  • Another Nigger Dead (1972)
  • Ballads of Underdevelopment (1976)
  • Carrying Knowledge Up a Palm Tree (1997)
  • Meditations in Limbo (1970)
  • The Uninformed Man (1971)
  • The Meditations of Taban Lo Liyong (1978)
  • Another Last Word (1990)
  • And many more others!

He has taught at various institutions around the world that include South Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

Taban Lo Liyong is a guy known for his provocative literary criticism and imaginative fictions. Currently, not only a top South Sudanese celebs but he falls in living icons of literature.


Awer Bul Mabil

Born September 15, 1995 in Kakuma, Kenya. He is an Australian-South Sudanese professional footballer who plays for FC Midtjylland. He recently formed a foundation called ‘Barefoot to Boots Foundation’ in which he donated boots and other sport attires to children in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

He has played for Campbelltown City (2012) and Adelaide United (2013-2015) and was bought by FC Midtjylland (2015) where he has featured significantly including the UEFA Europa league début against Napoli.


  • FFA Cup winner (2014) with Adelaide United
  • National Youth League Player of the year (2012-13)
  • FFA Male Player of the Year (2014)


We’ll be covering  South Sudanese celebs part 2 in the next article, keep in touch by subscribing or be visiting our site for more. Moreover, don’t hesitate to suggest celebs that you think should be included in the comment section below.

Junubian love!!!!!!


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