Popular Sports in South Sudan

Sports is among some of the most engaging activities on earth today. We look at popular sports in South Sudan (Junub).


It’s very popular in rural areas and South Sudan Youth Sports Association (SSYSA) currently has soccer schools at Konyokonyo and Muniki areas. South Sudan also host CECAFA youth soccer competitions in order to promote sport among youths.

Awer Mabil of FC Midtjylland is an example of elite soccer players from South Sudan. Junubian team congratulates our Brighter star boys for their spirited and overwhelming performance in the recent concluded CECAFA Cup competition.



South Sudanese wrestlers

Wrestling is a traditional and modern sports competitions that is also very popular among South Sudanese communities. Among tribes that take part in it are: Dinka (Bor, Twic, Aliab and Atuot), Mundari and Lotuko tribes.

Among great wrestlers are Majok Jok, Jada, Ajang Garang, Deng Adol, Muor ci Kueng, Gore Mapak among others. Due to its following, the activity has even been extended to other countries such as recent wrestling of Melbourne Vs. Brisbane Dinka Bor wrestling.

Wrestling benefits

  • Unite communities of their commonalities
  • Economic benefits to wrestlers as they get paid cash
  • Promote peace among communities


Basketball in the near future is going to be the most popular sports activity in South Sudan. South Sudan is arguably blessed with people with astonishing height and strength. Even before her independence, players such as Manute Bol, Deng Gai and Luol Deng were already running their trade in America’s NBA.

Luol Deng

Luol Deng -South Sudan-born basketball player

Let’s not forget our culture Junubiin!


Junubian Love



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